Chlorpyrifos Insecticide

Chlorpyrifos – What It Is Used For

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Chlorpyrifos has been registered to be used both indoors and outdoors as a pesticide. It is manufactured for both home use as well as commercial use. It is used to control and eliminate fleas, insects, termites, pests and mosquitoes. It is a very broad spectrum product and has, for years, been used for so many applications.

Chlorpyrifos is used inside the house mainly for pets. It is a very popular ingredient in dog shampoos and dog flea collars. It is also used in flea sprays that are used to keep fleas away from dogs. It is also used in the manufacture of termite treatment as well as in cockroach pesticides. It finds extensive use in agriculture as well as in industrial settings where large scale pesticides are needed to keep the place pest and insect free. A lot of this is used in cornfields while the crop is growing as well as in apple and grape farms, as well as to grow beets, wheat, cotton, peanuts and vegetables.

Unfortunately, this pesticide passes from the plant to your system and it can cause untold harm within the body. It can get into the body when you touch it or even if you breathe in the air that is contaminated by it. There are laws today which are phasing out the use of this chemical in areas where there is a danger of ingesting or getting affected by its presence. While this has succeeded in getting most of the household products that contain it banned, it is still very much in evidence when it comes to commercial crops and gardens.

The use of Chlorpyrifos is so widespread that it is difficult to bring about legislation to make a difference right now. This is why the powers that be are making some efforts to phase it out slowly so it will give users as well as the manufacturers the opportunity to stop using it.