Companies That Manufacture Chlorpyrifos

There are five main companies today that manufacture Chlorpyrifos. They are Dow Agro Sciences LLC, Cheminova, Makteshim-Agan, Garda and Platte Chemical. Of these Dow is the most known and it manufactures the largest quantity which it markets all over the world through its company - Dow Chemical Company.

What exactly is Chlorpyrifos? Basically it is an organophosphate (OP) pesticide which is white in appearance, crystalline and hard and not very soluble in water. This is why the products that are made with this are usually a mixture of Chlorpyrifos and an oil based solution. Chlorpyrifos is a toxic substance that inhibits the action of acetylcholinesterase which interrupts the normal transmission of the nerve impulses in the body. In addition, it also affects the muscular tissue as well as the hormonal balance in the body. For years, the manufacturers of this chemical kept insisting that it was absolutely safe for human and animal health until tests proved otherwise. Today, they have been constricted from selling their product through retailers and it is sold only for agricultural and commercial use. There are however, doubts on this score too as the soil as well as the produce grown have tested positive for the content of Chlorpyrifos. There have been moves by farmers and their families to try and get legislation on this product but it hasn't worked thus far.